I’ve slowly been amassing a collection of websites where one can buy vintage reproductions and recently four stores have caught my eye. The first is Freddies of Pinewood, which is based in the UK and will ship to the US. Their jeans are made from modern washable denim, without stretch. “You can wear them day in and day out without worrying that you will ruin them!”
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Model/photographer – Jenny Brophy
A great reproduction of the original 1940’s and 1950’s denim jeans for ladies, for £35


Versatile 1940’s style dungarees made from denim with no stretch. They have a wide leg, huge pockets on the front, a cute hanky pocket and patch pockets on the back. The straps cross at the back and fasten with two buttons. You will probably have to re-sew the strap buttons to fit your size. They have a 34″ inside leg. Available in blue, black and grey denim. £40

RetroSpec’d offers reproduction clothing from the 1940s and 1950s for girls and guys. Just look at these jeans!!



Wide legged and high waisted they’re an extremely flattering cut and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Pictured opposite is the lovely Anna Fur Laxis in the denim style. As you can see they’re super versatile and work as well with halter tops as with blouses.

and last, but certainly not least….


I don’t particularly like this website, but I like the clothing. Two other non jean pieces I like are the high waisted capri pants and the World War II vintage Overalls. Cute!!!!

These classic jeans are simply amazing. Handtailored to the guidelines of 1940s fashion!  The original patterns dates from the first half of the 1940. These are the pants that the American working women wore during WWII. These women looked great and so will you!


  • -Heavy weight denim fabric.
  • -Metal side zipper.
  • -High waisted.
  • -Top stitched pockets and waist band.
  • -Great fit.
  • -Two lengths available: inside leg 86 cm (34″) and 91 cm (36″).

2 thoughts on “Jeans!”

  1. Great- this is handy! I have the Freddies of Pinewood jeans and they are terrific. Authentic vintage style, and they are really durable for working in, not to mention long enough for tall girls. They did shrink in length after several washings – my fault for sticking them in the dryer. . . I also have some of the lightweight dungarees from Queen of Heartz; while not denim, the thinner fabric is good for working in on hot days. They’ve held up fairly well considering they’ve much abused from doing messy garden chores, etc. They do have a little stretch to them, but not bad. (

  2. What a great denim feature – I’ve been eyeing Freddies for a while, there’s just nothing comparable here in the US! I can’t believe their pricing either – pretty incredible. I think I may save my pennies for 3 pairs at once: Jeanies, Dungarees and Utility… delicious. I’m tall as well, so I’m thrilled with their 34″ inseam…

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