Mad Men Yourself

On the theme of Mad Men, Jo I don’t know if this beats your Mad Men Barbie dolls (can anything really beat Mad Men Barbie dolls?), but this is pretty awesome and a fun new way to procrastinate –!

Here’s me in the Mad Men world, what do you think? I wanted to do you, Jo, but I think you will want to Mad Men yourself. It’s fun to do, great animation!

madmen_widescreen madmen_fullbody

And here’s Juani (for those that don’t know, that’s my dance partner, the dashing Argentinian Juan Villafane):

madmen_widescreen1 madmen_fullbody1

Hahaha, what fun!! Jo and Alice, you have to do yourselves and post it up!!! And anyone else in the swing scene you can think of!

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