Burlesque/Vintage Costume Designer: Stephanie Ludwig

Stephanie is a one of my role models for sure! I was her intern 2 years ago, and she showed me a world filled with rhinestones, feathers, and pasties. ­čśÇ ┬áHer work is tantalizing and she used to dance with┬áHop Swing & A Jump back in the day!

I asked Stephanie to share her story about how she came about making costumes, here is piece from my interview with her:

I was inspired to make show/dancer costumes after I saw a really terrible burlesque show in 1999. The dancers’ costumes were falling off at all the wrong times, besides looking really cheap and badly made. I was attracted to the idea of reverse engineering – making clothing to meant to peel off effortlessly and the fact that I coud work with fun materials like sequins and beading. I kept the idea in the back of my head until I finally contacted a burlesque dancer to offer my costuming services. She encouraged me to just join her troupe and make costumes for myself, which I did. My first costume was a pearl bead embellished bra and belt, which I still love. I’ve made many costumes since – my favorite burlesque costumes are the Marie Antoinette piece and the blue satin corset outfit.

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Morgan Lee

Morgan Lee's days are inundated with fashion, sequins, and a sewing machine. She started her love for fashion and design as a girl making medieval period costumes with her mom. She decided to go for her dream and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a bachelors in Fashion Design and Merchandising. Now, she is a freelance costume designer, working her way into the film industry in Atlanta Georgia. Morgan Lee has always been fascinated with the history of fashion, yet her favorite eras are the 1920s and 1930s fashion. Outside of her career, Morgan Lee is an avid vintage jazz dancer. Her love for designing, performing and social dancing makes life glamorous.

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  1. Hi,

    I am currently doing an A-Level course in Textiles and conducting research about the theme burlesque. I am wondering if you have any advice about what components and materials work well within this theme. I find your garments very appealing and they look amazing. I hope you can get back in touch.

    Thank you
    Ruby Wilson

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