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Another 30s beauty for my collection…

I recently bought a beautiful red crepe and cream lace 1930s bias cut gown from SIB Vintage. I think it is gorgeous, and best of all – it fits me to a tee. It also has lovely red glass buttons which look great in contrast against the lace.

vintage 1930s 30s lace dress / 30s crimson red rayon lace dress / Why Dont You Come Over Here

Just before this dress arrived, I was flicking through another of my fav bloggers pages (The Painted Woman) and came across an article about ‘Vintage afternoon wear’ and found that she had featured a photo from a 1933 Vogue showing a very similar dress. It has scalloped detailing in the lace bodice and a collar but is strikingly similar to my crimson beauty. I love when I can find an example of a similar item from the same time period…makes it all the more interesting and helps place the garment to a more exact time period.

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  1. Tamara | 12 June 2012 at 2.29 am | Permalink

    Gorgeous! I can just imagine what it looks like on.

  2. debra | 20 June 2012 at 7.22 pm | Permalink

    Love your new gown Michelle!

  3. Michelle | 21 June 2012 at 8.13 am | Permalink


  4. Fifties Darling | 6 August 2012 at 12.26 pm | Permalink

    Wow… thats gorgeous! Love the colour (L)

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