About SF.com


SwingFashionista.com is a fashion blog and look book, for swing dancers and anyone else interested in jazz and swing era fashion, accessories, hair and makeup. It’s got guys AND girls’ fashions. Essentially, you’ll find these eight things:

  1. Original looks from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. You’ll find treats like photos of swing era celebrities, screen shots from classic silver screen films, advertisements and magazine clippings from between the World Wars, and anything from that period that takes our fancy…
  2. Red carpet snaps of modern celebrities sporting vintage looks.
  3. Model pics from today’s catwalks, featuring design labels who have added a retro twist to their collection.
  4. Trailers and photos from movies set in the 1920s-1950s, but made more recently than that.
  5. Modern glossy magazine spreads, with a vintage look.
  6. Online and real-world shopping finds we’ve made, for genuine vintage, or reproduction clothing and accessories, or brand new fashions in a swing style.
  7. Photos of stylish ladies and gents, that we’ve snapped at swing dancing events around the world. And yeah, we really do travel A LOT. This’ll include folk in perfect recreation vintage, the retro/modern mixed fashion style that most swing dancers prefer, plus those particular (and sometimes odd) fashion trends that sweep through the international swing dancing community, completely independent of the fashion world at large.
  8. Any other shiny objects that catch our attention!


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