10% off Xmas Sale at Violet’s Vintage Emporium!

Hi all, have a 10% off sale for Xmas in my Etsy store. The sale runs til December 26, 2013 and the discount is for all items. The code is XMAS2013 for those interested. Happy looking and have a a great Xmas!!

Here is the link to the shop: Violet’s Vintage Emporium

Xmas sale banner

New items in my Esty store for July

Some great new things in the shop this month including a 1930s celluloid ‘lady on skis’ brooch and a 1930s bracelet, earrings and brooch from Austria. A 1940s lady head vase and knitted dress. 1950s necklace, handbag, gloves and knitting books. Enjoy!

Vintage 1950s White Eyelet 2-button Length gloves   Vintage 1930s Celluloid Brooch Lady on Skis
Vintage 1930s Edelweiss Bracelet, Brooch and Earrings Set    Vintage 1950s Jade Green Beaded Necklace / Choker
Vintage 1940s Ochre Knitted Blouse & Skirt set - M to L

Vintage 1960s Knit Pattern Book - 'Patons'    Vintage 1950s Knit Pattern Book - 'Patons'

Vintage late 1950s Knit Pattern Book by 'Villawool' - pics by Max Dupain    Vintage 1968 Knit Pattern Book - 'Patons' Mod

Vintage 1940s Small Lady head Vase   Vintage 1960s Silver Lamé Handbag

Vintage 1950s Beaded Floral Handbag   Vintage 1950s Black 2-button Length gloves with fringe

10% off Sale at Violet’s Vintage Emporium

Hi all, I recently had a 10% off sale for Australia Day in my Etsy store, but I have decided to extend it until the end of January. The code is KOALA for those interested.

Here is the link to the shop: Violet’s Vintage Emporium

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June items in the Etsy store…

Hi all! I have been busy putting more items into my Etsy store – Violet’s Vintage Emporium – including some more 40s and 50s dresses, a glamourous 40s dressing gown, some 1960s ladies magazine, more 40s knitting patterns, a 50s hat, Asian laquered box, 1920s celluloid box and some other beauties.

I’ve featured a few items here so I hope you enjoy looking. If you would like to keep up to date with all the listings, join my VVE facebook page.

Vintage 1940s Black Velvet Housecoat / Dressing Gown with Sash    Vintage 1950s Black Acetate Taffeta Dress with Leaf Embroidery     Vintage 1950s Sarong Style Dress with With Trim and Bow - M

Vintage 1940s Cotton Peasant Day Dress - M/L     Vintage Late 1950s Early 1960s Dotty Day Dress - M/L    Vintage 1940s Grey 'Daisy' Rayon Dress - Remodel or Mend

Vintage 1930s Black and Floral Bolero Blouse - AS IS Vintage 1950s Cardinal Red Headband / Fascinator Hat with Flowers

Vintage 1950s Korean Black and Red Lacquered Box    Vintage 1940s Vinyl Flower Embossed Handbag

Vintage 1940s Knit Pattern Book - 'Woolworths Knit'      Vintage 1940s 'Patons Knitting Book' - Gorgeous Casual and Sportswear

Vintage 1960s Saddle Shoe Canvas Sneakers - SZ 7.5