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1925 Maybeline mascara advertising

I adore this ad from 1925 for Maybeline mascara. Thank you to the Vintage-Spirit blog for sharing it.

Maybeline 1928

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1936 Max Factor Makeup footage

Lovely little clip found at Glamour Daze of max Factor making up a model to look like Claudette Colbert.

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1930s make-up and beauty tutorials

A couple of lovely videos from British Pathe.

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My Pinterest Art Deco, 1920s and 30s boards

Just a reminder for all my readers that are fans of Art Deco design and the fashion 1920s and 30s, I have several boards full of my favourite visual collections over at Pinterest that I add to on a daily basis. You are welcome to follow me there also. Enjoy 🙂

Art Deco design and Beauty
1920s style
1930s style
Art Deco Patterns
Vintage Beachwear
Vintage Hair – 1930s
Vintage Hair – 1920s
Art Deco Home
Vintage Shoe Love
Vintage graphic design & advertising

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Cosmetic and pefume ads from the 1920s and 30s

I am a graphic designer by profession and my love of 20s and 30s design has always influenced my own work. I  have admired and collected design examples from this time period since my college days studying design and art history and am always adding to my digital collection. Broders, Schmidt, Rodchenko, Schlutz-Neudamm, Loupot, Kiesler, Falcucci, Carboni, Bouchard, Cassandre, Kuhn and Ansieau – just to name a few – are some of my favourite designers of the day. Sometimes I forget about all the things I have stored away in files and am excited when I come across them again and just want to share. So, please enjoy these vintage lovelies from the 20s and 30s.


Williams, Aftershave Bridge Playing Cards Games Mens, USA (1920)   Women’s Art Deco Eau De Cologne, UK (1928)


Sunbrite Cleanser    Irresistible – Awaken Love... Be utterly Irresistible (1935)

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