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1935 Australian travel poster

One of my favourite Australian travel posters. By Percival Albert Trompf (1902-1964) c.1935.


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Artist of the week – Michael Lombardi

Hi all! I wanted to introduce you all to a wonderfully talented artist from Perth, Australia who is now based in Melbourne. Michael Lombardi has an amazing retro/vintage style that I adore. His work is unique and diverse and he captures situations beautifully as portraits, murals, logos and posters. Anyone who loves vintage style will appreciate his wonderful illustrations. From 1920s flapper gals and 50s astro-babes to 1960s G0-Go dancers, there is nothing he can’t bring to life with his quirky style.

His artwork is available online for purchase and he also does commissions, as you can see from the various swing dance logos, portraits, animation and murals he has done. If you would like to buy any of his work, please go to this link or his Etsy shop and if you would to commission him to do some work for you, you can contact him via his website at

* All images are copyrighted © by Michael Lombardi. The use of any image from this site is prohibited unless prior written permission from the artist is obtained.

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Oh so gorgeous 30s gown and shoes!

Just had to add this to the blog today. A stunning 1930s red gown and an amazing pair of satin evening shoes from the same era. Both from different Etsy stores and yet, look how well they go together. Just breathtaking!

Dress: Garb-Oh Vintage
Shoes: Solana

1930's Fall Rust Crinkle Silk Gown With Rhinestone Details

1930s red satin evening shoes


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Farewell to my dear friend Paulie…

It’s been a hard week for myself and SF co-writer Sharon Davis. One of our dearest friends passed away very suddenly on Monday January 23rd at the young age of 32. Paul Verevis was my swing dance partner in a performance team for many years, fellow committee member for Perth Dance Society in the past, my Balboa partner and most of all; one of my closest friends.

Paul was liked by everyone who met him, not only here in Perth but all over Australia and the globe. He was one of those people who exuded happiness, warmth and joy, which is a rare thing these days. He was also a great dancer and loved the swing dance scene and all the friends and opportunities it brought him over the 10 years that we knew him. I’ve never known such a kind, generous, caring soul who was so full of fun and life and I will miss him terribly. Always smiling and joking around and never afraid to make fun of himself. I am so very glad to have had the time with him that I did.

I’ll never forget you Paulie. Love you always oxoxo

Below: Paul and I filming a dance sequence for the short film, ‘Swan Song’ in 1940s attire, 2005

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Happy New Year!

Just had to share this amazing original Art Deco card with you for the New Year.

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