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Old ad for men’s knits – 1933

Old ad for men’s knits. Credit to Florian Kremers who found it:)


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1930s evening gowns – January

Gorgeous gowns from my favourite era in fashion history. I wish I could own them all! So many fabric styles and textures.

* Taken from my other blog

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Summer is coming…

I love this cover illustration from the 1932 magazine, Vintage American. Seemed appropriate as the warmer weather approaches here in Australia. I also adore her outfit!
(taken from my other blog)


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My Pinterest Art Deco, 1920s and 30s boards

Just a reminder for all my readers that are fans of Art Deco design and the fashion 1920s and 30s, I have several boards full of my favourite visual collections over at Pinterest that I add to on a daily basis. You are welcome to follow me there also. Enjoy 🙂

Art Deco design and Beauty
1920s style
1930s style
Art Deco Patterns
Vintage Beachwear
Vintage Hair – 1930s
Vintage Hair – 1920s
Art Deco Home
Vintage Shoe Love
Vintage graphic design & advertising

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1930s make-up and beauty tutorials

A couple of lovely videos from British Pathe.

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