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New to the Etsy shop – Beautiful brooches

I have this lovely batch of 1930s celluloid brooches coming to my Etsy store. The Navy ‘Buddy’ is 1940s – WW2 era and very rare to find intact and has already been sold. If you are interested in the black swirl or red manta email me at as those 2 are still to be listed.

PicMonkey Collage

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Time Capsule Fabrics

Have you ever tried to make a garment from a vintage pattern but just can’t quite get the fabric right? It doesn’t drape or sit the way those original vintage items that you own do. Well now you can buy all the fabric you need from Time Capsule Fabrics to make your vintage sewing more authentic. They have a curated selection of fabrics from to enable you to recreate the right look and feel. From cotton lawns and rayons to crepes…there are some beauties here.


“Time Capsule Fabrics is a special fabric store providing a curated collection of fabrics and sewing patterns perfect for sewing clothing styles from the 1920’s – 1950’s. Time Capsule Fabrics serves both the sewist who wants a period accurate look for everyday or living history and the sewist looking to incorporate the Deco era’s timeless appeal into a modern wardrobe.  Our beautiful fabrics include hard to find dress weight rayns and frozen-in-time retro prints, sourced from countries around the world including the US, France and Italy.  We also seek to support the many small businesses that serve the vintage sewing community by partnering with vintage bloggers and carrying independent pattern makers.” – Time Capsule Fabrics website

1920s and 30s

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1940s and 50s

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Vecona Vintage – 1930s inspiration

Some of of the beautiful 1930s loungewear inspired items that Vecona Vintage carry in their range. I want them all!! The sailor pants are especially gorgeous. I wish more companies would start doing the ‘low rise’ cut in ladies trousers again. So much more stylish and comfortable. The ‘Cap Calloway’ cap is also a winner!





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1930s fashion plates

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1930s evening gowns – January

Gorgeous gowns from my favourite era in fashion history. I wish I could own them all! So many fabric styles and textures.

* Taken from my other blog

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