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Prohibition Clothing Company – Part 2

Last year I blogged about The Prohibition Clothing Company and featured some of their wonderful items. I recently went back to their website to discover they have more caps and some new promotional pics. I thought I’d share them with you here today.

For those new to PCC, they have hats and caps, back-belted jackets, trousers, plus-fours, shirts, vests, bow-ties and some great stuff like a leather book strap and vintage style tote bag. You can check out The Prohibition Clothing Company’s wares here:

KW 10900-501   KW 10900-532   KW10900-582   Ad-10900-562_0

KW 10900-541   KW 10900-551_0   KW 10900-572   MQ-10900-59

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New to the Etsy Shop – July 2014

Hi all! I have just added a load of new items to my shop. I recently came across 4 pairs of fantastic vintage shoes and several of them are deadstock items that have never been worn. Three of the pairs are from the 50s and the other is from the 40s. I still find it amazing whenever I come across vintage items that have never been worn or used since the day they were purchased, so I hope these find a good home :) I also picked up 2 deadstock 1960s mens tiki style shirts, two 1920s hair combs, an amazing 1950s ‘atomic design’ silk scarf, a 1930s crocheted purse and collar with glass beads.  I also have some 50s earrings, an Art Deco buckle from the 30s, 50s handbag and a vesta case from around 1890. Enjoy!

* All items are linked back to the Etsy store.

il_570xN.629555616_39cs     il_570xN.629552688_4ox8

il_570xN.629654825_41ua     il_570xN.629689693_rfyu

il_570xN-1.629558498_dd2i       il_570xN.629669459_ow21

il_570xN.629675009_2utt      il_570xN.629566276_nrd8

il_170x135.627160474_j35k    il_170x135.627265453_rkfg    il_170x135.627150666_3629

il_170x135.627253253_o9in     il_170x135.627175670_ezwp

il_570xN.629681527_1mp2     il_570xN.629680365_rkdz

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Esty picks of the week – Vintage hairstyling items

Flicking though Etsy this week I found a wonderful selection of vintage hairstyling accessories from the 20s, 30s and 40s. I hope you enjoy my finds!

il_570xN.616946023_t46f   il_570xN.584485914_tddp  il_570xN.619151263_ie11

il_570xN.624779663_d78f    il_570xN.605719653_jv2h     il_570xN.624650858_mm4v

il_570xN.341656986     il_570xN.359001167_isbe     il_570xN.456526512_mahd

il_570xN.406460027_pnu7    il_570xN.472442157_4xtj    il_570xN.619352082_7gef

il_570xN.209468510    il_570xN.528654792_97gg     il_570xN.478969211_8eaa

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Vintage Stocking Box Art

Not much to say except…I love them. Some of them are almost works of art in themselves, especially the ones for Munsing Stockings.

* From my other blog.

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il_570xN.447387268_qh4o     il_570xN.492351400_mmi8

munsingg   la_lure

e8644d0b45e5a66ecfc5bd289d91c63d    6a00d8341c8c6253ef011570e652ff970c-800wi

images     munsing_wear

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Ralph Lauren Resort 2015 – 1930s inspired!

Some beautiful 1930s inspired outfits in the new collection. So happy to see high-waisted, wide-legged pants making a comeback. LOVE all of these elegant styles!

ralph-lauren-resort-2015-runway-01_180420882890    ralph-lauren-resort-2015-runway-06_180425124421    ralph-lauren-resort-2015-runway-02_180421466885


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