Queen of Vintage – Sharon Davis

Congratulations to our very own Sharon Davis!! On November 9, 2009 Queens of Vintage – a daily global glossary for vintage lovers recognized Sharon as one of their Top 100 Queens of Vintage. Click here for the full article, but here’s an excerpt to tie you over until it loads in another window 🙂


“Our fabulous Vintage Queen no 45 is from Perth, Australia. She is a coveted swing and Charleston dancer, has her own burlesque company and works as a pin-up if she’s not out and about working as a jazz DJ. Phew!

Sharon Davis is a famous swing dancer – in the international swing dance scene she’s pretty much a celebrity. Sharon  travels around the world with her partner -who has sneakily nominated her as a Vintage Queen – teaching and performing Lindy Hop, Charleston, and a bunch of other swing dances at festivals and events.

Sharon is one of the best Twenties Charleston dancers in the world, for which she’s won pretty much every competition title under the sun. You could say, she’s a professional flapper!”

The Flapper Girl – blog

I was messing around with my Google Reader the other day (if you don’t use it, you absolutely should) and I stumbled upon The Flapper Girl which is an outstanding photoblog. Click on the link or the photos and spend some time browsing her site. In the mean time, here are a few of my favorite pictures she’s posted.