Catherine Zeta-Jones and her decolletage

Here’s the ever-so-lovely Katherine at the opening night of her new Broadway play, A Little Night Music, wearing a long Gustavo Cadile gown with a rather low neckline. Here are three things you can do to show off your decolletage while still being tasteful.

1. Fit is essential. Don’t accidentally show too much cleavage (it’s worse than doing it on purpose). If you have to fiddle with your dress (or any of your clothes for that matter), people will notice you, but not for the reasons you’re hoping for. If you’re trying on a dress, bring the underwear you plan on wearing underneath it. Don’t forget to jump around in it as well so you can potentially see where you dress might slip down. And fashion tape is amazing! Buy some if you haven’t already.

2. Keep the rest of your look low-key. Just like in dancing, show your audience where to look. Have something quite (not moving, or being covered) so that your chosen movement (or body party) takes center stage.

3. It’s cool to draw all eyes towards the main attraction. Ladies, sometimes you have to “balls out” and go for it. Check out Ms. Zeta-Jones: hair swept back, bare neck, and her earrings are simple and classy.

Stay Classy San Diego!