Beautiful 1920s and 30s shoes

I adore 1930s shoes and I have been amassing a great collection of 1920s and 30s shoe pins that I would like to share here. I never cease to be amazed at the at the elegance and sophistication of some of the designs and I would dearly love to own them or see them reproduced for the modern market. I think the shoes with cut-outs and geometrical patterns are some of my favourites from designers such as Schiaparelli, and Perugia.

I have a Pinterest page full of pics of 100s of vintage shoes that I have found online and appropriately called ‘Vintage Shoe Love’. So, if you adore vintage shoes, take a look ūüôā

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Salt Peanuts Jewelery

I’m guessing a lot of you know my friend Sara Deckard, or have seen her in some YouTube clip or other, killing it like Josephine Baker in a Charleston battle or swinging out just like Ann Johnson. Well, I bet you didn’t know she has her own jewelery line and handmakes the most gorgeous vintage-style beaded jewelery!¬† Visit her shop Salt Peanuts on Etsy and add it to your favorites too!

Here’s her blurb:

My name is Sara Deckard and I am a Jazz baby.

I love everything about the Jazz era; the music, the dancing, and the fashion. I’ve been making jewelry since my eighth birthday, when my mother bought me a bunch of supplies as a gift. So, it was only a matter of time before the two collided.

I discovered bead embroidery and found it to be the perfect medium for creating pieces that look just like my grandmother’s. I really hope to get going on a number of other projects soon, including hair pieces, hats, gloves and vintage-style dresses.

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Ahh, so talented! A dancer and an artist, and drop-dead gorgeous with legs up to her armpits, if only we could all be so lucky! And my favourite thing about this chick Рshe swings out in her vintage.  Gotta love that!