Swing Fashion on The Sartorialist


Every now and again swing fashion is featured on influential international street fashion blog, The Sartorialist.  Here we have some shots taken at Governor’s Island in June 2009. The Sartorialist doesn’t give the name of the event or names of the stylish swing fashionistas in the photos, so if you know these details, email them to shaz@swingfashionista.com

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Boys rockin’ the vintage at Swing Crash Festival ’09

Vincenzo Fesi & DJ Ivan

As usual in Italy, the boys were just as well dressed as the girls at this year’s Swing Crash Festival, in Como. And let’s face it, men in vintage suits was one of the main reasons I got into swing. Got any more pics of swing boys rockin’ the vintage and looking fine? Send them through: shaz@swingfashionista.com Uuhh, for the blog, honest.

Above, Vincenzo Fesi & DJ Ivan. Here’s a few more from Swing Crash 2009, notables including Pontus Persson, Peter Loggins, Todd Yannacone, Guiseppe Olla & Juan Villafane:

Pontus & Peter Todd Yannacone

Peter Loggins Giuseppe Olla

Todd & Juan Peter Loggins

Giuseppe Olla The lads at Swing Crash 2009