Cute Double Strap Scalloped Mary Janes at Plasticland


Check out these adorable cheapies: just $49.00!  Not leather, so they might not be the best for swing dancing, but damn cute for strutting about in (and that makes them vegan shoes!). Website says “made of a slightly distressed (crinkly) black and taupe leather-look vinyl, they feature rounded toes, unique easy-to-use hook-on double straps, and thick stacked wood 2 1/2″ heels. Fit true to size, medium width.”

Get them here:

Actually, they have a bunch of cute shoes that Swing Fashionistas might like, all for less than $50:

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p90521902 p90521904

p90521907 p90521909

5 thoughts on “Cute Double Strap Scalloped Mary Janes at Plasticland”

  1. Love these shoes! I actually have a pair like the taupe/red t-straps with the ruffle down the middle, but mine are silver and I got them from Payless for $10! I love them to death.

  2. I bought the shoes in the first photo for my bridesmaids just 2 weeks ago, in brown and grey – they LOVED them. I tried on a pair and found them very comfy, though I wouldn’t feel safe dancing in them as the straps do not actually buckle on – they are connected with a metal hook. So cute though! Highly recommended!

  3. Jess, send us photos of your bridesmaids in their shoes!!

    Mmm,yes I know those buckles. When I first saw them I thought they were genius, but from trying to dance in them, yes you’re right, they tend to come undone. I thought I saw Aris Allen putting them on some of their newer ladies shoes, the black and white oxfords maybe? Can’t quite remember, but I prefer the dance buckles you find on ballroom shoes – you know, no holes, just the one-way buckle where the tighter you pull the tighter it gets, but doesn’t loosen unless you lift upwards. My Bloch character shoes have them, and they’re brilliant. Wish swing dance brands would pop them on too…

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