Dorothea’s Closet Vintage: Top Picks

A few top picks from one of my favorite vintage clothing stores, Dorothea’s Closet. Everything below is in the range of US$50 to $250.
40s dress vintage dress vintage clothing
40s dress vintage sundress
40s dress 40s dress xl vintage dress
30s dress F.O.G.A. Fashion Originators Guild of America 30s dress vintage dress polka dot dress rockabilly dress
30s dress xl vintage dress 30s dress vintage dress silk velvet
50s dress vintage dress sydney north marilyn monroe 50s dress wiggle dress
40s dress vintage dress vintage clothing 40s dress vintage dress beaded dress
vintage ermine coat 30s opera coat
30s dress vintage clothing bias cut gown
30s gown vintage gown 30s dress 30s dress silk chiffon daisy print dress
30s blouse polka dot blouse vintage clothing 30s sweater
40s dress vintage day dress novelty print 40s dress vintage dress embroidered Carole King
40s dress sheer floral rockabilly dress gingham dress pin up dress
Vintage Sweater 30's PUFF SLEEVE Peach Crochet 20s dress beaded flapper dress
WWII era pin up dress 40s dress 40s rayon dress
20s dress flapper dress vintage dress 20s robe vintage opera coat
Vintage DRESS Flapper Beaded EGYPTIAN Tabard vintage kimono vintage uchikake taisho

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