Taking Fashion Inspiration from Dolls

I wasted a whole lot of time on this doll blog, so that you don’t have to! Check out these retro doll fashions, can you believe it? The downside is, you can’t buy any of these outfits… you know, unless you’re 6″ tall.  I’d wear all of these outfits! If anyone out there is a wizz with a sewing machine and wants to recreate one of these for me, just let me know!!

zita1 specialscenemadra_full

lana_portraitofanera_3_cc lana_portraitofanera_2_cc

heatwave_full_cc elitevintage

director-ivy1 curacao

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92055_full 2009genecandiedfull

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798 8bykathyminco

Yes, there’s more!

5 thoughts on “Taking Fashion Inspiration from Dolls”

  1. Amazing!! Some of these are absolutely to-die for. How come none of my Barbies ever got to have fishnets?

    Also love the posh looks on the dolls’ faces.

  2. Oh! I love them. They are so gorgeous and the clothes! I so want them too!
    Nice blog, by the way. So interesting and inspiring!
    Let me know if you would be interested in a blog link exchange.


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