Harper’s Bazaar – Bonnie and Clyde

“Bonnie Parker (October 1, 1910 – May 23, 1934) and Clyde Barrow (March 24, 1909 – May 23, 1934) were well known outlaws, robbers, and criminals who, with their gang, traveled the Central United States during the Great Depression. Their exploits were known nationwide. They captured the attention of the American press and its readership during what is sometimes referred to as the “public enemy era” between 1931 and 1934. Though known today for his dozen-or-so bank robberies, Barrow in fact preferred to rob small stores or rural gas stations. The gang is believed to have killed at least nine police officers and committed several civilian murders. They were eventually ambushed and killed in Louisiana by law officers.”  – Wikipedia

That being said, check out Harper Bazaars latest spread:

Love me some pleated pants and a Tommy Gun!

For information on the clothes and where to buy them, check out the full editorial on Harpar’s Bazaar.

3 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar – Bonnie and Clyde”

  1. Harper’s ripped off the look from Arthur Penn’s movie “Bonnie and Clyde.” The fourth photo down is a direct rip-off of one Faye Dunaway did as a publicity shot for the film. They just copied the look from the film, with very little creativity. Yawn.

  2. I jacked a few of these looks for Southwest Lindyfest and I have to say, they went over rather well!!!

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