Joan, oh Joan

I’m watching Mad Men season 3 via iTunes right now, and Joan Holloway (now Joan Harris, I suppose) never ceases to astound me with her out-of-this-world beauty. Partly down to the natural va-va voom of actress Christina Hendricks, but equally to Mad Men’s costume, hair and makeup department. Actually, I haven’t really seen any photos of Christina Hendricks on the red carpet that I liked overly much. The late 50s, early 60s silhouette suits her body shape so well (those curves, for god’s sake!), but frankly modern styles make her look chubby. If only she would just have the Mad Men stylists dress her for the galas as well! Ah, maybe I’m just too attached to the character…

3 thoughts on “Joan, oh Joan”

  1. It’s true, the girl can wear the absolute seams out of a well-fitted sheath! Particularly love the fuschia number near the bottom, she looks fabulous.

  2. It’s not necessarily that modern styles make her seem chubby, it’s more likely that many of the clothes on Mad Men are run up by a seamstress/tailor and therefore actually fit her. They also actually cover her decollette which seems to be much more flattering than boob spillage.
    Most people seemed to have abandoned the idea of wearing clothes that fit. A tailored potato sack has more style than an ill-fitting dress or suit.

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