7 thoughts on “Is that Lucille Ball?”

  1. yes! It is the Queen of Comedy, herself. She was a model before she was a famous comedienne and B-movie actress. Ahh, I’d know her blue eyes and dyed hair anywhere 🙂

  2. Lucy was beautiful, I think I’ve seen some more of her modeling shots in a documentary. Sometimes I think Debra Messing looks like her.

  3. Definateley lucille ball. I believe she was nicknamed tessie technicolor possibly by life magazine…..There are a great three or four pictures of her in color similar to this, her hair, her eyes here lips.
    Cheers Lucy Lovers

  4. We are looking for the person who took the photo of Lucille Ball putting on the lipstick for photography 2 class at a high school. Can you tell us where we might find who took that photo? Thanks.

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