My Etsy store – Violet’s Vintage Emporium

Hello to our lovely followers. Just wanted to let you all know that I have finally opened my own Etsy store: Violet’s Vintage Emporium, so I will post items that are coming to shop here as well as the Facebook page before I put them in the shop so you have a heads up. I will have clothing, shoes, hats, sewing patterns and jewellery from the 1920s to the 70s for sale.

I was inspired to open the shop because of my love of vintage style since childhood, which has never waned.So now I have a large collection of vintage clothing and accessories and I am always looking for more, as I have been selling on ebay for years too. But Etsy is easier and more efficient!

I hope these little pieces of history give their new owners as much joy as they have given me – in both hunting for them and passing them on to you 🙂 Please pass on the FB page and Etsy pages to anyone you know who loves vintage style 🙂 Some samples from todays listings.

Violet’s Vintage Emporium on Etsy
Violet’s Vintage Emporium on Facebook

Vintage Late 40s Early 50s Red Gingham Playsuit with Ruffles     Vintage Mid 1940s Salmon Pink Dress     Vintage 1930s Pink & Black Woolen 'Lily' Dress with Built in Jacket

1920s Dress Chocolate Velvet With Smocking and Matching Hat     Vintage 40s 'Baby Blue' Lace Dress in Large Size

2 thoughts on “My Etsy store – Violet’s Vintage Emporium”

  1. My Gma was miss Chicago during Chicagos world fair in the 30’s. Have a collection of her shoes, many still in Marshall feilds boxes. Would you be intrested in making an offer? Im only liquidating because they have been sitting in boxes for 20+ years since she passed away. Think its time for them to go to people who would enjoy wearing them.

  2. I my goodness yes!! How many pairs do you have? Could you take some pics maybe and send them to me here mainly for condition etc. Sadly I live in Australia so I cant imagine how much shipping would be. Thank you for thinking of me 🙂

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