Michelle’s Etsy pics of the week – vintage sunglasses

I love 1930s sunglasses and I have 3 pairs of the acetate round type with various coloured tinted lenses and celluloid frames. They are stylish, classic and great for everyday wear and really do make a vintage ensemble complete. My nana had a white pair (like the ones below) with green lenses that I adored when I was little and I wish I had been able to get hold of and keep them as an adult, but they disappeared when I was a teenager. Anyhoo…I’m always looking for more, so here are range of 30s, 50s and 50s shades that I found on Etsy for sale.

* All photos link back to their original Etsy page

Rare Vintage Sunglasses a la Leon, The Professional / Clear, Light Celluloid Frames / Brown Glass Lenses / Art Deco 1920s, 1930s       Sunflower Round 1940's Sunglasses Yellow Beige Celluloid Circle Frame by Willson       Antique Sunglasses 1920s 1930s Celluloid Frames

Round Cabana 1940's Celluloid Sunglasses Contra-Glare Circle Frame Gray Lens Non Prescription by Titmus Optical with Original Case       1930s-40s Sunglasses / Rare cream colour and super-flattering shape       1940's Gold Sunglasses

Whos That Behind Those Foster Grants  Pre Advert Slogan Foster Grants 1940s Rare item        1930s-1940s Bausch & Lomb Ful-vue glasses: Look Golden Around the Globe        vintage sunglasses tortoise shell Zyloware eyeware 1950s

Hard To Find 40s Sunglasses 1940s French       Baby Blue Pearl Lattice 1950's Cat Eye Sunglasses Non Prescription Green Lens Dead Stock       Vintage 12K Gold Filled American Optical Cat Eye 1950's Sunglasses

 1950s Cateye Frames French Handmade       Hot- Rod Pinstriped 1950's Sunglasses        Vintage 1950s Tiger Stripe Tortoise Wayfarer Style Sunglasses

3 thoughts on “Michelle’s Etsy pics of the week – vintage sunglasses”

  1. Hello! Am wondering if you can help.. I’m looking for a pair of authentic looking 1930s sunglasses (fairly cheap!) for a college fashion show in edinburgh. Have tried Amazon, Ebay and Etsy and no luck so far!

    Do you know of anywhere that might do them? Do you have any for sale yourself?

    Thanks very much for your time,
    MC X

  2. Hi,

    I have a lot of vintage pairs but I also have quite a few repro ones. In the late 1990s, that rounded tortoise shell style came back into fashion and I have found all mine repro ones in thrift stores sunglasses bins for about $2.I have found some cheap vintage ones on both ebay and etsy. Guess it’s juts a case of being there at the right time.

    But rounded or oval framed tortoise shell style glasses from the 90s will pass as 30s looking 🙂


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