New items to the Etsy shop – June 2013

Got a lot of new stuff in the shop this month including an amazing mint condition 1940s silk blouse, lots of 70s does 40s dresses, 2 1940s ladies jackets, 30s stockings and a few other lovelies. Enjoy!

Vintage 1940s Ladies Two-Tone Jacket - M/L   Vintage 1940s Silk Blouse MINT

Vintage 1903s 'Magic Hair Waver' in original box

Vintage 1970s does 40s Navy Blue Jacket   Vintage Late 1940s Ladies Sports Jacket

Vintage 1930s Seamless Cotton Stockings - Grey MINT   Repro Pale Lemon Blouse made from 30s Pattern


Vintage 1970s does 40s Style Knitted Top   Vintage 1980s does 1930s Champagne Satin Blouse

3 thoughts on “New items to the Etsy shop – June 2013”

  1. Oh so lovely! Is theese for sale? *sorry if i’m dumb or something*. I’m from sweden and just now stumbled across your site.. 😀

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