What’s Hot: International Lindy Hop Championships 2009

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Thanks to Toni Duguid for uploading about a million photos from this year’s International Lindy Hop Championships to Flickr. Check them all out, they’re beautiful photos! Here’s some of SwingFashionista’s favourite looks…

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Frankie 95 Festival, New York City May 2009


I’ve finally got around to posting up some photos of well-dressed folks at Frankie Manning’s 95th Birthday celebrations in New York in May this year. Sorry for the delay, and remember, if you have any photos from this or any swing event, of swing girls OR guys looking fine, then email them through!

img_0193 img_0191


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Southern Belle Swing Bash, Atlanta, August 2009


Both ladies and gents turned out in fine style last weekend for the Southern Belle Swing Bash in Atlanta GA. A fabulous event, not to be missed! The only thing I can say is why were there so few ladies in the Charleston contest? Here’s a true SwingFashionista.com tip: ladies, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got many moves, just find yourself a cute outfit, and get out there and shake it! Congrats to Morgan (and her gloves) who won – now, that lady knows how to work a cute outfit! Here’s a few more pics from the weekend:

img_1212 img_1214

img_1210 img_1205

img_1201 img_1200

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Retro Spectacles at Herrang Dance Camp, Sweden

Peter Loggins

Photos by the brilliant Bobby Bonsey, taken at Herrang Dance Camp July 2009 (Herrang, Sweden).

Above: Peter Loggins. Below: Lennart Westerlund, Shane McCarthy, Mimmi Gunnarsson, Fatima Teffahi.

Lennart Westerlund Shane McCarthy
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