Southern Belle Swing Bash, Atlanta, August 2009


Both ladies and gents turned out in fine style last weekend for the Southern Belle Swing Bash in Atlanta GA. A fabulous event, not to be missed! The only thing I can say is why were there so few ladies in the Charleston contest? Here’s a true tip: ladies, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got many moves, just find yourself a cute outfit, and get out there and shake it! Congrats to Morgan (and her gloves) who won – now, that lady knows how to work a cute outfit! Here’s a few more pics from the weekend:

img_1212 img_1214

img_1210 img_1205

img_1201 img_1200

img_1199 img_1196

img_1190 img_1165

img_1168 img_1162

img_1164 img_1160

img_1175 img_1151

img_1158 img_1156