Whiting & Davis bags from the 20s and 30s

After spotting an original Whiting & Davis purse from the 1920s recently in an antique shop here in Perth, I decided I’d write a little blog about them as I see them pop up all the time on ebay and Etsy in some stunning designs. W & D were not the only company to make this type of mesh purse at the time, but I have found their designs to rather beautiful.

The Whiting and Davis Company, located in Plainville, Massachusetts is the oldest purse company in the US and is responsible for a great variety of exceptional mesh purses as well as other accessories. They made the first mesh bag in 1892.

By the 1920’s mesh bags were offered in a large spectrum of colors and fashionable designs, including enameled, fine meshed calledDresden mesh and pearlized enamel finishes. Fabulous enameled flat mesh purses, known as armored mesh, were offered in varied colors and a constant parade of unusual patterns. Most of the bags made from 1929 to 1932 were patterned by silk screening where the baby ring mesh took on a soft, hazy, romantic appearance much like a blurred water color. This technique was done by hand over several days by applying one color at a time and allowing 24 hours of drying between colors.

Here are some pics of lovely examples from the 20s and 30s that I have found online either for sale or in private collections. My fav is the one with the compact attatched.



20's Bag/ Whiting & Davis/ FLAPPER/ Early 20's Mesh Bag/ Enamel/ Tag inside FREE SHIPPING    

Vintage colour swatch: Tenacious teal

So, I thought I would do something fun and write a regular post every 2 weeks that focuses on a particular colour. I will also include pics showing all sorts of vintage fashion items that were produced in varying shades of that colour, hopefully to inspire some new outfit combinations in the future and some possible purchases.

Teal: A lovely medium blue-green that reminds me of the sea off the islands of Perth and Thailand, cooler weather and rainy nights. As with my previous yellow post, I was inspired this week by a 1940s crepe, beaded gown that I have in my collection in a magnificent teal colour. Here are some beauties in various shades of teal. I think my favourite is the 1920s French opera coat…stunning.

* Please note that all photos are linked back to their original source.

Teal dress - 50s hand knit sleeveless style -size 4/6 turquoise aqua teal - Mad Men era unknown designer craft    Vintage 1940's Teal Embroidered Two Piece Suit    1940's Black and Teal Lilli Ann Coat Sz S

Art Deco Mandalian Enamel Mesh Purse SALE PRICE    Teal Feather Flapper Styled Hat   Set of Six Vintage 1930's Teal Plastic Buttons-7/8"-VBP35

Vintage CORO PEGASUS Blue Crystal Expansion Bracelet - 1940 - WWII Era     


Beautiful 1930's Teal Silk Velvet Decadent Evening Gown