Photographer in focus: Max Dupain…an Australian icon

I adore black and white photography from the 1920s to the 50s and have many favourites including Man Ray, Steichen, Madame D’ora, Hurrell, Hoyningen-Huene, Atget, Fryer, Cunningham etc but how many of you have heard of iconic Australian photographer Max Dupain?

Born in Sydney in 1911, he photographed the city from the early 1930s through to just before his death in 1992. He mostly was interested in photographing the architecture, the landscape, the beaches and the cities of Australia. The man understood the strong light in Australia and how to use it effectively.

Dupain’s style was based on simplicity and he remained a great advocate of black and white photography throughout his career as he felt that colour was restricting. He continued to photograph until his death in July, 1992. I love his work and have a few of his prints famed around my house. Many of his pictures look like they could have been taken yesterday – his most famous shot, The Sunbaker, is one of these. I hope you enjoy the small collection I have put together for you. You can find all these pics in the Max Dupain Collection.

File:Sunbaker maxdupain nga76.54.jpg

The Sunbaker – 1937
Max DUPAIN, Jean with wire mesh
Jean with wire mesh - 1937