Classic Beauty – The history of Makeup

If like me, you are fan of Bésame Cosmetics, you will have heard of it’s founder; Gabriela Hernandez. She released a book on the History of Makeup in 2011 that is wonderfully in-depth. A great read for all fashion historians and vintage lovers alike. Here is the description from the Bésame website:

Author and founder of Bésame Cosmetics, Gabriela Hernandez, takes you on a grand tour of the rich history of facial trends and styles in her new book, “Classic Beauty:  History of Makeup”.  Enjoy this in-depth and historical journey of the many trends and styles of the classic beauty looks throughout the ages.

This vivid reference book follows the ever changing concept of what defines beauty by showcasing historical trends and the evolution of makeup innovations for the eyes, face, and lips.  Fascinating and bizarre vintage ads, detailed makeup application guides, and profiles of famous makeup innovators, connoisseurs, and iconic faces offer a glimpse of the rich history of facial trends from the ancient times to today. Enjoy over 430 images, timelines, and detailed color-correct vintage color palettes.

Can you see inside the book and purchase it here.