Salt Peanuts Jewelery

I’m guessing a lot of you know my friend Sara Deckard, or have seen her in some YouTube clip or other, killing it like Josephine Baker in a Charleston battle or swinging out just like Ann Johnson. Well, I bet you didn’t know she has her own jewelery line and handmakes the most gorgeous vintage-style beaded jewelery!  Visit her shop Salt Peanuts on Etsy and add it to your favorites too!

Here’s her blurb:

My name is Sara Deckard and I am a Jazz baby.

I love everything about the Jazz era; the music, the dancing, and the fashion. I’ve been making jewelry since my eighth birthday, when my mother bought me a bunch of supplies as a gift. So, it was only a matter of time before the two collided.

I discovered bead embroidery and found it to be the perfect medium for creating pieces that look just like my grandmother’s. I really hope to get going on a number of other projects soon, including hair pieces, hats, gloves and vintage-style dresses.

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Ahh, so talented! A dancer and an artist, and drop-dead gorgeous with legs up to her armpits, if only we could all be so lucky! And my favourite thing about this chick – she swings out in her vintage.  Gotta love that!