Paper Dolls: 6 and Sweet 16

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“This set comes in a folder, with one pocket containing 3 cardboard pages 7 x 11 inches for the dolls, and the other pocket containing one large 23 x 32 inch sheet which unfolds into eight 8 x 11.5 inch panels. The inside folder shows a pink bureau below a shelf of dolls on the left and a vanity table with two chairs on the right.

According to Mary Young, the artist is Maxine McCaffrey. The version of Six and Sweet 16 #2582 pictured in her Collector’s Guide to Saalfield, Lowe and Merrill has the same cover as mine, but it includes six pets instead of three (the six pets can be seen on the back cover), on a separate cardboard from the dolls. It was reprinted in 1960 as Big ‘N Little Six Sisters, also numbered 2582.

Many thanks to Jean Woodcock, who owns the Merrill copyrights and has given her permission for these scans to be shared online and printed for home use only. Due to copyright restrictions, these images are provided at slightly under half-size, with two clothing sheets per letter-sized page, and limited to 100 dpi. Please visit Jean’s eBay listings, where you will often find original Merrill sets for sale.”

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