Burlesque/Vintage Costume Designer: Stephanie Ludwig

Stephanie is a one of my role models for sure! I was her intern 2 years ago, and she showed me a world filled with rhinestones, feathers, and pasties. 😀  Her work is tantalizing and she used to dance with Hop Swing & A Jump back in the day!

I asked Stephanie to share her story about how she came about making costumes, here is piece from my interview with her:

I was inspired to make show/dancer costumes after I saw a really terrible burlesque show in 1999. The dancers’ costumes were falling off at all the wrong times, besides looking really cheap and badly made. I was attracted to the idea of reverse engineering – making clothing to meant to peel off effortlessly and the fact that I coud work with fun materials like sequins and beading. I kept the idea in the back of my head until I finally contacted a burlesque dancer to offer my costuming services. She encouraged me to just join her troupe and make costumes for myself, which I did. My first costume was a pearl bead embellished bra and belt, which I still love. I’ve made many costumes since – my favorite burlesque costumes are the Marie Antoinette piece and the blue satin corset outfit.

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian in LOVE Magazine

Seriously, are those really their names? I’ve missed this whole Kardashian revolution and have no idea who the “Kardashian Sisters”, oh famed tabloid darlings, really are. What do they do exactly? How many are there? Do all their names start with a K? Well anyway, these two have a vintage noir, femme fatale look going strong in this shoot for LOVE Magazine, shot by Patrick Demarchelier. Enjoy!