Speaking of Wallis Simpson…

On the theme of Wallis Simpson, one of my favourite portayals of her was by Gillian Anderson in the UK series, ‘Any Human Heart’. Gillian captured her beautifully and the clothing she wore was exquisite. Just thought I’d share a few shots of that too, as Wallis had an amazing style that was copied by women the world over at the time. Edward was also a trendsetter is day. The ultimate stylish couple. The casual sports wear is to die for!

The 70s BBC series, ‘Edward and Mrs Simpson’ was also very good. The clothing was stunning and Edward Fox was quite uncanny as Edward. Check it out along with ‘Any Human Heart.’  Her sportwear is to die for in the last pic.

Sneak Peek: Madonna’s W.E

As promised, here a some stills from the film W.E that have been released ahead of its premiere at the Venice Film Festival in a few days time. The cast includes Abblie Cornish, Andrea Riseborough (as Wallis), James D’Arcy (as Edward), and Oscar Issac. Enjoy!

Vanity Fair September 11: Editorial for W.E

Oh what a delicious editorial in this month’s Vanity Fair, shot by Tom Munro! The shoot is to promote the upcoming film W.E (directed by Madonna!) which will premiere at the Venice Film Festival in a few days. If you haven’t heard about it yet, W.E of course stands for Wallis and Edward, and the film will explore the story of the romance between Mrs Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne to marry the glamorous divorcee. Some stills have been released from the film, so I will post those as well – it’s going to be a Swing Fashionista’s dream come true, swoon!