Shoes with Spats & Gaiters

Isabella's Shoes with Spats by Juliet Juliet

I snapped a photo of this pair of sexy black heels with spats, from Isabella Gregorio’s personal collection in Como, Italy this weekend. Ssshh, don’t tell her!   The label reads “Juliet Juliet”. Spats or gaiters (which are usually longer), cover the instep and ankle, and are usually detachable from your shoes. They were fashionable for gentlemen in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and have worked their way back into modern ladies shoe design in the last few seasons.

Want more spats? The first pair below are Prada 2008 Collection, the second are L.A.M.B.

Prada 2008 Heels with Spats LAMB Shoes Crowther Tex Shoe

And here we have individual ‘Gaiterettes’ from LesFrivolities at

Gaiterettes Gaiterettes

You wear these over shoes or ankle boots that you already own. Prices range from $55.00 to $155.00 per handmade pair.