Louboutin, oh Louboutin!

Jo and I have been toying with the idea of buying Louboutin heels at LouboutinSale.com (one of the adverts that keeps popping up to tempt us on Facebook – damn Google and their smart targeted marketing!). These are my favourites on the site, all for less than $200! So cheap, are they knock-offs? Look like the real deal, I do wonder. Love that signature red sole! I mean, I spend $100-$200 a pop on dance shoes, would it really be so bad? Not that I could dance in these killer heels… oh, swoon, I want them! What do you think ladies?

6 thoughts on “Louboutin, oh Louboutin!”

  1. They could be fake because of the price they should be $300 and up but they look so real so I am not sure. I would love to hear others opinion.


  2. I like the white and gray (I think?) striped ones and the ones with the the purple bow-ish thing on the front. They’re my favorites, totally hot, and they took worth it.

  3. I have heard that they are indeed knockoffs, about payless-quality with a red sole. That does not make me want them any less though!

  4. Lovely shoes. I like the ones with the sparkle at the heels, the ones with the stripes. And the ones with the lace on top look gorgeous as well.
    I really like your blog. Love all the pictures^^

  5. Even if you can’t dance in them, they could be your arrival shoes and, depending on the night, your exit shoes. 🙂

  6. if you are really curious you should email the actual company that makes these shoes or check on Google if there are any articles about knock-offs.

    If you love this brand and you want to be loyal to the brand buy the real thing.
    If you just want the look of the brand then buy the knock-offs.

    HOWEVER! Knock-offs hurt businesses so just think about whats important to you when you buy.

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