Louboutin, oh Louboutin!

Jo and I have been toying with the idea of buying Louboutin heels at LouboutinSale.com (one of the adverts that keeps popping up to tempt us on Facebook – damn Google and their smart targeted marketing!). These are my favourites on the site, all for less than $200! So cheap, are they knock-offs? Look like the real deal, I do wonder. Love that signature red sole! I mean, I spend $100-$200 a pop on dance shoes, would it really be so bad? Not that I could dance in these killer heels… oh, swoon, I want them! What do you think ladies?

Urban Outfitters Shoes


Check out Urban Outfitters’ new season of shoes, available on their website. Above, the “Contributor Oxford” by Rachel Comey for only $78 – thanks Jo for sharing that one! Plenty of flat lace-up Oxfords for women, saddle shoes, heels with retro mesh or cutouts, and of course, plenty of the Lindy Hopper’s essential canvas tennis shoes, in a bunch of bright colors (and two pairs for $30). Coolest thing, if you order online, shipping AND returns are free.  Here’s a few more:

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For more shoes, go to Jo’s post about ASOS!