Joolz “Third Time’s the Charm” Collection


Joolz is an Australian handmade jewelery company, and their ‘Third Time’s The Charm’ collection has a vintage twist. I’m not in love with all the pieces, but the photo shoot is gorgeous (well done to stylist Monica Buch), and I love the idea of jewelery made from vintage playing cards and antique umbrella silk. From the website:

“An anthology of accessories for style success in bold black and white, with a dash of cream and a splash of red.  Theres a Charleston good-time girls’ influence, with tomorrow’s twist. Gleaming pearls are teamed with glossy obsidian and onyx, or contrasted prettily with hand-crafted vintage playing card butterflies that appear to have fluttered down to perch perfectly on the neck & wrist in a display of delicate symmetry. Beautiful black recycled umbrella silk teamed with pearls becomes a stylish bowtie choker, and the Lady Luck necklace of vintage dice is perfect with obsidian cubes. Eye-catching elegance is the key, allowing the wearer to be effortless in making her style statement.”

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Do it hair-self

Here are a few pictures, that i saw a while ago that inspired me to create my own hair accessories. The best thing about doing it yourself is that you can make it exactly the way you want and it is most of the time a way better quality and it is also cheaper.

My own pictures are of course not as good as the professional one, but they’re just here to show, that you can do it. Hair accessories can really complete an outfit and they won’t bother you as much as neclaces or huge earrings, so it is something you want to keep in accessories

Bow-tastic Fascinators

As a kid I hated bows, but for some reason I just love them now. Some of the bows below clip in and some are on headbands (or alice bands if you are British). Well priced at £7-£20, except for the last two are over £130. Hopefully this will at leave give you ideas so that you can make your own if you have the time and means.

Chapeau Claudette Best Of British Bow has expanded into one of the most comprehensive shopping destinations online and is the no. 2 player in the UK online clothing market. They’ve got some incredible pieces that are sampled from celebrities as well as their own unique designs. Here are some of their fun hair accessories that are all on sale!

Helene Berman Fluorescent Big Bow Head Band Eugenia Kim Silk Bow Headband

Johhny Loves Rosie Exclusive to Asos Lilac and Blue Heart Fascinator

Philip Treacy Neutral Blossom FascinatorPhilip Treacy Asymmetric Neutral Bow Headpiece

For more on bow accessories, check out this post.