Urban Outfitters Shoes


Check out Urban Outfitters’ new season of shoes, available on their website. Above, the “Contributor Oxford” by Rachel Comey for only $78 – thanks Jo for sharing that one! Plenty of flat lace-up Oxfords for women, saddle shoes, heels with retro mesh or cutouts, and of course, plenty of the Lindy Hopper’s essential canvas tennis shoes, in a bunch of bright colors (and two pairs for $30). Coolest thing, if you order online, shipping AND returns are free.  Here’s a few more:

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For more shoes, go to Jo’s post about ASOS!

Stop Staring Revisited


Since seeing Carla Heiney and a few other ladies rocking out Stop Staring’s new “Raileen” dress at this year’s Rock That Swing Festival in Munich, I thought it was time we revisited Stop Staring Clothing, and it was worth it! They’ve always been a staple of retro dresses for swing ladies, but recent seasons have seen the addition of some really glamorous dresses, in the range of $100 – $150 USD. Check them out at www.stopstaringclothing.com

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