Vintage men’s swimsuits

Check out this awesome collection of men’s swimming trunks from the 1920s to the 40s from Vintage Haberdasher’s blog. Interestingly they range in colours from black to yellow but there seems to be a preference for the darker colour choices. Most were made from wool with a canvas belt to keep them from sagging and falling off once heavy with water and many have a little coin pocket included in the design.

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1930s Janzten ad

1930s Men’s fashion snap shots: 2

More stylish men from the era I adore most, the 1930s. This time featuring knitwear including swimwear, winter woolies and sportswear.

Source: Christian Montone

Bondi Beach, Australia, c. 1932. Source: Vintage Venus

German teenagers in the snow, c. 1930s. Source: Ipernity

Spectacular examples of sweaters (or jumpers as we call them in Oz), Plus Fours and knee high socks. Source: Fedora Lounge