Vintage tie tips for the chaps

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Vintage ties from the 20s to the 50s are wonderfully stylish things, but there are differences between the decades and how they were worn. Here are some tips for my swing-era and vintage loving friends:

1920s and early 1930s ties were all about texture, simple designs and were very much an understatement as far as a mans entire outfit went. It wasn’t until mid 1930s to 1940s that ties with wildly colourful and bold designs became more popular. Either tie style can produce a fabulous vintage look, but the ties should make sense with the rest of the outfit.

1930s tie styling
Necktie widths grew wider (about 3.5 inches) and shorter to go with the wider suit lapels and oversize shirt collars of the 30′s and silk ties dominated as did brocade. In the 1920s and 30s there were very few men who would have worn a long tie without wearing a vest, coat, or jumper as  well. A tie under a vest looks very suave and I was told by vintage tie expert at and Art Deco convention a few years ago that if you tie your tie and the thin end ends up longer than the front end – do not fret! Apparently this was common back in the day and men would sometimes tuck the tie into their waistband.


1940s tie styling
Boldly coloured ties with crazy designs in rayon and poplin became hugely popular in the 1940s and were used by men to express themselves in world of suits and formality. In the 40s, high-cut trousers meant that mens ties became shorter and wider. If you wear a 1940s tie with modern lower cut trousers, you should leave at least two buttons above the waist uncovered.

If you are trying to tie a vintage tie from the 1940s or 30s, you should use the the four-in-hand knot (see below). It fits the longer collars of the 30s and 40s that had a narrower spacing. It’s also still the knot favoured by discerning tie-lovers. * Thank you to reader Roger for his info re what knot would have been used the 30s and 40s.


Here are some ties that are currently for sale in my Etsy store.

Vintage 1940s Necktie - Rayon with Moroon Polkadots   Vintage 1940s Rayon Necktie with Geometric patterns

Vintage 1950s Necktie - Satin Rayon in Lavender with Abstract Patterns   Vintage 1950s Necktie - Satin Rayon in Blue

Vintage 1950s Rayon Necktie in Pale Blue and White   Vintage 1940s Necktie - Satin Rayon Flowers and Block Colours

Vintage 1940s Necktie - Satin Rayon Leaves in Moroon and Grey   Vintage Early 1960s Woven Wool Men's Necktie

For the chaps….The Prohibition Clothing Company

I stumbled across the site for The Prohibition Clothing Company the other day via my friend, the Vintage Baroness. A great online store for men who love to sport a classic look. The PCC have some very dapper accessories too, and I must say that it is refreshing to see more and more vintage-styled outlets popping up all over the world to offer something more than just mainstream fashion. Classic style never dates! Seems they also have a Made to order Service too and I like the web-page design. Here is what the owner has to say (taken form the site):

“The Original Prohibition Clothing Company was born out of my love for classic tailoring, the storied history of America during the 1930’s and 1940’s, and a desire to create timeless elements of style. Elegant and sporty, we offer a unique and individualized approach to dressing that is sophisticated, romantic and unusually appealing. Iconic vintage pieces are delicately reworked to be both modern and nostalgic. Unlike some fashion companies, who reinvent their aesthetic every year, we offer a consistent and compelling vision that allows our customer to build a wardrobe of enduring pieces. Through partnership with select factories and artisans, we strive to produce excellent products, with minimal waste and a high level of respect for all of our partners. These considered garments, inspired by our collective history, are perfect for making a little history of your own.”

They have hats and caps, back-belted jackets, trousers, plus-fours, shirts, vests, bow-ties and some great stuff like a leather book strap and vintage style tote bag. You can check out The Prohibition Clothing Company’s wares here:

*Taken from my other blog.

The Calloway Deco Pleat Jacket   The Cooper Sports Jacket   The Period Perfect Navy Blazer

The Calloway Deco Pleat Jacket   The Cooper Sports Jacket   The Period Perfect Navy Blazer

The Montgomery Patch Pocket Vest   The Barrymore Classic Vest    The Drake Courting Vest

The Clarke Plaid NewsboyThe Colosimo Stripe Driver Vintage Newsboy Cap

Tommy Gun Bowtie   The Douglas Wool Herringbone Bow Tie   The Ellis Saddle-Stitched Bow Tie

No.15 Book StrapBook Strap

New to the Esty store …

I found a bunch of great things for my Etsy store at a huge antique fair on the weekend, from 1950s lucite hair clips to an amazing satin 1930s gown. Here is a wee sample. They are all linked back to the shop if you are interested. :)

Vintage 1930s Art Deco Tie Clip on Original Display Card - RARE   Vintage 1930s Cuff Links with Dumbbell ShankVintage 1950s Violet Lucite Carved Bracelet   Vintage 1950s Pink Confetti Lucite Hair Clip/Barette   Vintage 1950s Marbled Lucite Hair Clip/Barette