1930s Men’s fashion snap shots: 3

A fabulous shot of 3 men enjoying a picnic.

With a closeup showing a love of striped socks. In the day it was a way young men could express themselves in a society where rules on how to dress were still in place. Sometimes in the UK they were made in the school colours.

thousands of unemployed in depression

Not a bare head in sight, even during the dark times of the Depression, men still took pride in the way they dressed on a daily basis.


1930s Men’s fashion snap shots: 2

More stylish men from the era I adore most, the 1930s. This time featuring knitwear including swimwear, winter woolies and sportswear.

Source: Christian Montone

Bondi Beach, Australia, c. 1932. Source: Vintage Venus

German teenagers in the snow, c. 1930s. Source: Ipernity

Spectacular examples of sweaters (or jumpers as we call them in Oz), Plus Fours and knee high socks. Source: Fedora Lounge