Vintage sewing – 1930s evening gowns

I love the style and sophistication of 1930s fashion and have amassed a large collection of sewing pattern imagery from the era on Pinterest and thought it would be nice to share some of them here. The evening gowns of the time are my favourite with their elegant lines, bias cuts and daring open backs. I would dearly love to get my hands on some of these beauties!


Wearing History – newest patterns

Seems that sewing is becoming a dying art amongst the young ladies of today, which is why I love to keep my hand in. I have taught myself over the years and you can only really learn by doing. It’s also nice to have a bunch friends in the vintage scene that sew and a few that even have their own line of patterns for sale. One my favourite lines comes from Wearing History, which is run by my friend Lauren Maringola. She is an amazing seamstress and you can see many of the pieces in her line made up on her site. Here are some of her latest offerings!

New Vintage Lady – fabulous plus size sewing patterns

I have many friends in the US  and I am so glad to be able to keep in touch across the miles via the interwebs. One of those buddies from LA (and from 6 years of hanging out on the Fedora Lounge) is fellow vintage fashion lover and sewer Shelley Johnson who is the owner of New Vintage Lady.

New Vintage Lady stocks one of the largest rotations of original plus size vintage patterns and reproductions. Shelley has developed her very own line of gorgeous plus size NVL patterns, designed in 1920s, 30s and 40s styles, including some amazing hats. She also has pdfs of original sewing books and magazines for sale in the Etsy store. And yes, the illustrations are also her own. Such a talented lass! So, take a look at these fabulous designs and be inspired to make some gorgeous outfits of your own.

You can also find the informative and fun NVL blog here.

NVL 1930s Double breasted dress with shawl collar 40 bust NRA edition Plus Size    NVL 1930s My First 30s Dress 42 bust PLUS SIZE     NVL 1930s side button sport frock 46 bust PLUS SIZE

NVL 1930s The Diva Dress 40 bust PLUS SIZE    NVL 1930s jabots, collars, cuffs and gilet 40 bust and over PLUS SIZE    NVL 1930s sport over blouse with gathered back and kerchief 42 bust PLUS SIZE

NVL 1940s Make due and Mend afternoon dress 48 bust PLUS SIZE    NVL 1920s dustbowl dress 42 bust PLUS SIZE    NVL 1940s sport dress with deep back and bolero pattern 42 bust PLUS SIZE

NVL 1930s The Deco Suit 46 bust PLUS SIZE    NVL 1930s The Overachiever Blouse 42 bust PLUS SIZE    NVL 1930s Balboa Dress 40 bust NRA edition Plus Size

NVL 1940s Day Dress 42 bust PLUS SIZE    NVL 1930s knot bodice day dress 42 bust PLUS SIZE    NVL 1920s flapper kimono sleeved dress 44 bust PLUS SIZE

NVL 1920s front pleated flapper skirt 36 waist 48 hips PLUS SIZE    NVL 1920s Cross Front Flapper frock 42 bust PLUS SIZE    NVL 1940s V neckline cap sleeved day frock 46 bust PLUS SIZE