Le’odance shoes

I had never heard of the Le’odance brand of dance shoe until I bought a pair off someone who was selling them because they were too big. They are a French company and I have to say, they are THE most comfortable (of the more formal heeled, raw leather-soled swing dance shoes) that I have ever owned. So comfy and move well on the floor. I wish they had an outlet in Australia. Great low and medium heels for Balboa and Lindy with so many colours and styles. Check out some of my favourite ones. I love the duo-toned ‘Saby’.

saby-10 saby-9 anna-bleu-bleu-ciel

saby-8 anna-beige- saby-7

saby-6 saby-5 saby-4

saby-3 saby-2 saby-1

Top Picks: Plasticland Shoes

A Quebecois buddy of mine, Alisha Ruiss, just tortured me with two emails in quick succession, with links to online stores where I want to buy EVERYTHING!! Oh no, Alisha, how could you do this to me? The first was Plasticland, an old favourite of mine, but I haven’t visited for a while, and was rather unaware of the current shoe collection. Swoon! Here are my top picks, and they’re all available right now, in the range of US$54 – $72. These shoes are a steal. They stock a few Stop Staring dresses as well, and they have some cute pencil skirts…

Shoes on Amazon.com

So, you will have noticed the new Best of Swing & Vintage on Amazon banner in the sidebar, and this is what I’ve been procrastinating with the last week, what fun! I’ve set up my very own Amazon store, with all – well the name says it all really – the best of swing and vintage to be found on Amazon.com.  It’s so fun, like curating your own collection. Anyway, the best thing though is the shoes! I mean, we all think of Amazon for books, CDs, DVDs, but I had no idea there were so many shoes!! There’s loads of styles, but for example, here’s some of my favorite granny heels:

ALDO Miriello - Clearance Heels Women's Shoes  Miz Mooz Women's Rimini T-Strap Pump
Sofft "Gallery" Mary Jane Pump Sofft "Oriole" Pump
Sofft "Fiona" Mary Jane Pump Nine West Women's Ambelu Pump

Yeah, on Amazon! Who would of thought….