Top Picks: Plasticland Shoes

A Quebecois buddy of mine, Alisha Ruiss, just tortured me with two emails in quick succession, with links to online stores where I want to buy EVERYTHING!! Oh no, Alisha, how could you do this to me? The first was Plasticland, an old favourite of mine, but I haven’t visited for a while, and was rather unaware of the current shoe collection. Swoon! Here are my top picks, and they’re all available right now, in the range of US$54 – $72. These shoes are a steal. They stock a few Stop Staring dresses as well, and they have some cute pencil skirts…

2 thoughts on “Top Picks: Plasticland Shoes”

  1. Guilty as charged – so sorry, Sharon! But you see, I was trying to share my own feelings of temptation and I knew you would understand 😉

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