Betsey Johnson Spring 2010: Top Picks

As usual, fun and funky from Betsey Johnson. The Spring 2010 ready-to-wear collection has a 1950s twist, with above-the-knee poodle skirts and plenty of crinolines in girly colors…  I can see Jo (card-carrying Betsey Johnson fan) rocking all these numbers:

00090m 00320m

00290m 00270m

Betsey Johnson Shoes on Overstock

The other day I was looking all over the web for a winter coat (read about it here) and while on Overstock I stumbled upon some gorgeous Betsey Johnson shoes. I’ve been having a secret love affair with Betsey for the past two year and I can’t seem to get her out of my head. Luckily, she’s pricey enough that I can only splurge on some of her goodies every once and a while.

Some shoes that tickle my fancy:

Betsey Johnson Lefty Brown ($116.47)Betsey Johnson Lefty Brown

Betsey Johnson Kipp Black/Fusian Satin ($97.05)Betsey Johnson Kipp Black/Fuchsia Satin
Betsey Johnson Adair Black Snake ($142.45)
Betsey Johnson Adair Black Snake

For some more of my favorites that are a bit more 50s, check out my blog post.