Alexander McQueen Retrospective Part 7: Fall 2005

In tribute to Lee Alexander McQueen, I have been posting a retrospective of past collections, from a SwingFashionista perspective. The best of Alexander McQueen for retro-loving folk. May he rest in peace. In part 7, my top picks from the Fall 2005 ready-to-wear show. More to come…

Anthropologie, you’re killing me!

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I’m officially not shopping for a little while, because I have been on a mad shopping spree the last few weeks (retail therapy… pencil skirts can fill the void, right?). Yeah, I mean a SERIOUS shopping spree. On top of 3 or 4 new outfits, I also went ahead and bought the Sally Rand ostrich feather boa fans I’ve been lusting after for 3 years, and, well, $1800 later and here I am declaring no more shopping for a while!! Anyway, of course, typical that only after such a declaration, do I discover how lovely Anthropologie‘s range is right now. *sigh*  Anthropologie, you’re killing me!!

No, it’s a dress!


Well, I was excited about the beret, but you were all just excited about the outfit! Ahh well. Anyway, no it’s not a blouse, it’s a dress, as you can see in this full-body shot of the lovely Bernie Dexter. But unfortunately, I don’t know the label. If anyone out there knows where you can get your hands on this black and white gingham pencil dress, please drop us a line!

UPDATE 13/12/09: Ooh, I just received an email from the lovely Bernie Dexter herself, telling me it’s one of her own designs for the Bernie Dexter label! Damn, how can one girl be so gorgeous and so talented? Good news is, you can get it here: . Thank you Bernie, loves your work 😉

L’Wren Scott Retrospective

L’Wren Scott is one of my favorite labels. Lots of figure-hugging pencil skirts, autumn color palettes and vintage details. I also feel like this label is a little more down-to-earth. I don’t just lust after all these dresses, I really would wear them, and these are looks I could realistically create, unlike the looks that some fashion houses put on the catwalk. Here’s my top picks of the last three years, in my opinion getting better and better with each season…

Fall 2008:


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Spring 2008:

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Fall 2009:


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Spring 2009:

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Spring 2010:


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