L’Wren Scott Retrospective

L’Wren Scott is one of my favorite labels. Lots of figure-hugging pencil skirts, autumn color palettes and vintage details. I also feel like this label is a little more down-to-earth. I don’t just lust after all these dresses, I really would wear them, and these are looks I could realistically create, unlike the looks that some fashion houses put on the catwalk. Here’s my top picks of the last three years, in my opinion getting better and better with each season…

Fall 2008:


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Spring 2008:

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00170m3 00100m1

Fall 2009:


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00190m 00170m2

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Spring 2009:

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Spring 2010:


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Katie Anderson (LA)

Katie Anderson's Shoes & Stockings Katie Anderson's Shoes & Stockings Front

Katie Anderson (USA) busted out these studded Top Shop shoes with those gorgeous floral patterned stockings, in Como Italy on the weekend for Swing Crash Festival 2009. Everyone was asking, “Are those tattoos?”  Incidentally, when not globetrotting with Minn Vo as a Lindy Hop instructor, Katie is a shoe designer in LA.

Katie also showed up in some pretty gorgeous head gear over the weekend, including this giant black satin bow mounted on an alice band (Forever 21), which she had pinned down to look like a vintage hat, and a red velvet rose set against her platinum blonde hair. Fantastico!

Katie Anderson Black Hat Katie Anderson Red Rose