Victoria Beckham Fall 2010

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Inspired by Dick Tracy era, Beckham illustrated that the new silhouette was still as much about structure as ever–but featured a slightly looser silhouette and drape. The contrast of light and dark and feminine and masculine were underlying motifs as she softened the shoulders while, for evening, went more daring with raw edges and asymmetric collars.

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Rich neutrals set the groundwork for the lineup, peppered with such current colors as sanguine, emerald, graphite and antique gold. “Nerdy chic,” she explained of a series of draped crepe dresses. “That’s where my personal style is at.” Clever details peppered throughout included a classic grosgrain belt partially hidden as a corset to keep the waist solid or cut outs placed delicately under the arms just so.

A Forties-inspired rib jersey/wool twill drape skirt dress elegantly balanced the tension between top and bottom beautifully while a “little cloud dress” hand tacked and cut on a bias was a fine example of Beckham’s relentless pursuit of perfection.

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2nd Annual Seattle Vintage Fashion Runway Show

Well, the 2nd Annual Seattle Vintage Fashion Runway Show and Lecture just happened on December 4th as part of the Killer Diller Weekend, and here are some snaps of the gorgeous vintage clothes, circa 1920-1950, that were on display. If you’re a swing dancer, you’ll recognize some familiar faces strutting their stuff on the runway, and some of you may also know the mastermind behind the event, Lorraine O’Neal. Photos are by Jared Luxenberg. Click on the photo to see it larger. Enjoy!

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