Who wears the pants?

You know how you randomly set aside images of looks you like, and after a while start to see a pattern emerging? I love this look, but sorry I can’t tell you where I got any of these images. They are just part of the dusty annals that is my random image collection, sitting in a folder on my desktop. Just noticed the pattern and thought I’d post it up! Leave a comment if you recognise any of the brands.

sunday-mag-7-sep-08 highwaistedlinenpantswwwsaksfifthavenuecom

v273900 bbdakshayla

No, it’s a dress!


Well, I was excited about the beret, but you were all just excited about the outfit! Ahh well. Anyway, no it’s not a blouse, it’s a dress, as you can see in this full-body shot of the lovely Bernie Dexter. But unfortunately, I don’t know the label. If anyone out there knows where you can get your hands on this black and white gingham pencil dress, please drop us a line!

UPDATE 13/12/09: Ooh, I just received an email from the lovely Bernie Dexter herself, telling me it’s one of her own designs for the Bernie Dexter label! Damn, how can one girl be so gorgeous and so talented? Good news is, you can get it here: www.berniedexter.com . Thank you Bernie, SwingFashionista.com loves your work 😉

Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers All In White 1937


The world’s most famous Lindy Hop troupe in history. Manager (and former Savoy Ballroom bouncer) Herbert ‘Whitey’ White – is the man in the middle. The troupe was performing at the New Cotton Club in Culver City, California while filming ‘A Day at the Races’ with the Marx Brothers.