Vintage Doll: Emma Watson in Italian Vogue

I’m not quite sure why Emma Watson has become a fashion darling, she just seems so very young to me. Not that she’s not very pretty, I just think perhaps she needs to grow into her looks. But anyway, they certainly glammed her up for this shoot in Italian Vogue. The rest of the looks were kind of baroque Cinderella meets Lord of the Rings, but these two I like very much. That sheer blue Christian Dior dress just keeps popping up on this blog (here and here).

‘Beautifully Made’ in Rake Magazine

Here is an editorial entitled “Beautifully Made”, shot by photographer Derrick Santini in Tuscany, for Rake Magazine. The magazine’s bi-line is “The Modern Voice of Classic Men’s Elegance,” sounds good to me! They have a few articles archived on the website. Here are a few that swing lads might be interested in:

Puttin’ on the Ritz: An Introduction to Formal Wear

Miles Ahead: The Style of Miles Davis

The Swordsman: Errol Flynn

Otherwise, enjoy this sexy, well-tailored re-imagining of the mafia in southern Italy…