‘Beautifully Made’ in Rake Magazine

Here is an editorial entitled “Beautifully Made”, shot by photographer Derrick Santini in Tuscany, for Rake Magazine. The magazine’s bi-line is “The Modern Voice of Classic Men’s Elegance,” sounds good to me! They have a few articles archived on the website. Here are a few that swing lads might be interested in:

Puttin’ on the Ritz: An Introduction to Formal Wear

Miles Ahead: The Style of Miles Davis

The Swordsman: Errol Flynn

Otherwise, enjoy this sexy, well-tailored re-imagining of the mafia in southern Italy…

Three steps of the ‘Five-Step’

Three steps of the 'Five-Step' by Trevira.

7th June 1924.
Here Santos Casani makes an appearance in Popular Music and Dancing Weekly magazine, demonstrating the first three steps of the ‘Five-Step’ – steps four and five were published the following week.

Trevira wrote a post about Mr Casani here. You might not realize it, but you’ve probably seen him before!